Ways We Can Help – Dallas, TX

What We Can Do To Help

At Smile I Stutter, we don’t claim to be experts when it comes to speech impediments, which is why our main focus is connecting individuals with licensed speech therapists and covering up to a month of therapy. We also pair this with SRAT software to keep track of someone’s progress to ensure they are moving in the right direction.

Beyond this, we host a variety of events so those with a speech impediment can find each other and form a web of support, both in-person and online. We also coordinate with both individual and company donors so that the people we’re helping don’t have to worry about the logistical details and can just focus on living their best life!

Salsa Research:

With the help and partnership from Salsa Research, Smile I Stutter can provide a truly one of kind Speech Therapy experience. With the Salsa Research Assessment Training, SRAT for short; We have finally quantified stuttering! What does this mean exactly???

This means that, for the first time in history, the person who stutters (PWS)/guardian will have the data needed to ensure that proper treatment is received. The data from SRAT will show what kind of stuttering the PWS has as well as a list of vital information that will save a lot of time when treating a PWS.

For far too long, the PWS is blamed for the continued stutter by both the parents and the SLP. For example: If the guardian spends their hard-earned money for the PWS to go through therapy with a licensed SLP (Speech and language pathologist), the expected result is to “cure” the stutter. When the desired result does not happen, the guardian usually goes to the SLP and asks what is going on? Why is my child still stuttering? The SLP will generally give the following reply:

“I have taught your child all the techniques needed to cure his/her stuttering; they must not be using the techniques that we went over.”

The guardian then looks to the child for answers. When the child does not have an answer, the guardian then blames the child because there is no evidence to support otherwise. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY OR ACCURATE and the negative effects of this very moment will last for decades, sometimes a lifetime. The truth is that not all techniques work for all types of stuttering. For me, the negative effects of feeling like my stutter was my fault, lasted for over 30 years. The sadness and guilt that I carried with me is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone and yet if you are a PWS, you know all too well those feelings that I am talking about. If you are a guardian to a child that stutters, a friend to someone who stutters, a teacher to a student that stutters and ESPECIALLY if you are an SLP, please stand by because help is truly on the way!

Speech Therapy Assistance:

Smile I Stutter is all about helping others who have a speech impediment. One of the ways we do that is by assisting parents by covering the Speech Therapy cost for the child for up to (1) month. Here’s what is included when you are selected for assistance:

  • SRAT Testing. This test will set both the child and the family up for a fast track to success!
  • 4 therapy sessions with a Licensed Speech- Language Pathologist
  • SRAT Research check-up. This will show progress made or progress lost. This is important because this will eliminate wasted sessions doing speech exercises that just don’t work. We will also give you a plan of action after the expiration of assistance.